Wonder Pets Save the Puppy

Wonder Pets Save the Puppy

In Wonder Pets your children must save a Puppy and become heroes
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Nick Jr. Arcade

In Wonder Pets your children should save a Puppy and become heroes. The Puppy is inside the house and its family is out. It needs your children's help to rush out of the house and pee. While playing in the backyard, the players will have to sort out different problems and this is the time when your children will sharpen their language and use reasoning. Moreover, they will come across math terms and will learn while playing. It might look as a simple number counting game, but it is not. It is also a great help for kids to learn new concepts. Kids should start an adventure by choosing a picture and then selecting among three game modes ( Adventure, Coloring Book and Free Play). In Adventure and Free Play they will have to choose the difficulty level and begin their journey. Free play mode is available in the full version only, where children can opt from different mini set games like Flying high, Get outside, Clean the puppy etc. Parents can also print a drawing for their kids and help them draw by teaching them colors and test their memory skills at the same time.

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  • Children will enhance their language skills and use reasoning while playing


  • Not free
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